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Hi there,

Well my name is Keely Johnson, basically I am a Country Music Singer with a touch of cancer. Welcome to my first blog, I have never done this before but here goes. Back in 2002 and I decided I want to sing not quite sure what I wanted to sing (as in pop or heavy metal). But every time I was in a car seat I use to head bang to Lee Kernaghan at 3 haha. Then I suppose I found I loved Country Music and followed my dream ever since. In 2010 I found I had a Brain Tumour, than all my country dreams came to an end. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I decided to write a song about kids with and cancer, and ever since that song it has only gone up. Because I live on a roller-coaster that only goes up!

Keely Johnson 17/09/18

Tune in Next Monday for my new Blog!!

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